Completing the VCE is the most demanding educational challenge you’ve faced so far. You’re probably feeling the pressure of expectation from your school, family, friends and especially yourself. VCE is also a time for self-discovery, exploration, maturation and increasing independence. Two years is too long to spend anxious and cooped up, starving your social life and other interests, and being fearful of poor performance.


Your experience of VCE can be much more rewarding and efficient with a professional tutor guiding you, serving as your personal instructor, mentor, and coach. You can expect Brave HQ tutors to serve your best interests, sharing techniques, resources and advice you wouldn’t otherwise encounter. They will also let you know if you’re working too hard, and help you discover your motivations to study if you are falling behind.

Explore our resources, meet the Brave HQ VCE team and make an appointment today.

Setting up for tutoring
The Team

Jeremy Kindler, Senior Tutor

Jeremy is a member of MENSA, and the MENSA Victorian Gifted Children’s coordinator.

Jeremy can assist with any science-based subject and all levels of maths. He also assists with English subjects and general study skill building.

Jeremy is available for tuition Monday to Thursday 10.00am to 9.30pm and Sunday 9.00am to 4.00pm.

Holly Melrose – Psychologist

Holly is familiar with the educational settings in Australia and works with people of all ages to assist them to adjust to big changes like moving to a new country. To assist international families, both can complete cognitive and academic assessments, and provide counselling, resources and guidance to individuals, families and teachers.

Annie Hearn, Counsellor & Coach

Annie can assist students with study and exam stress, and who want to develop a health overall plan to increase their wellbeing. She is also studying to become a registered teacher, so knows a bit of insider info!