If you want to study medicine, pharmacy or dentistry and save years off your journey, the UMAT exam is the gateway you must go through. Preparing for the UMAT and anticipating how well you’ll do in it are notoriously difficult.

At Brave HQ, you can request a cognitive assessment with our psychologists, targeting the areas required for UMAT success to gauge your capacity. Our Brave HQ tutors can then provide techniques and strategies targeted to maximise your performance and chances of successful undergraduate entry.

Explore our resources, meet the Brave HQ UMAT team and make an appointment today.

Setting up for tutoring
The Team

Jeremy Kindler, Senior Tutor

Jeremy is a member of MENSA, and the MENSA Victorian Gifted Children’s coordinator.

Jeremy can assist with any science-based subject and all levels of maths. He also assists with English subjects and general study skill building.

Jeremy is available for tuition Monday to Thursday 10.00am to 9.30pm and Sunday 9.00am to 4.00pm.

Holly Melrose – Psychologist

Holly works with people of all ages. To assist with your planning, a comprehensive cognitive assessment can be completed, followed by a report documenting your results and feedback session. To find out more, visit the link below.

Brave HQ Assessment