When you are absent from schooling for long periods you can miss important information upon which all future learning is based. Further learning can then be harder to master, and you may begin to have gaps in your knowledge or reduced motivation to stay in school.

Our top priority is working with you to become aware of your knowledge gaps, clear on your steps to recovery, and excited about your return to being a confident student with a bright future. You will be supported by the educational skills of our professional tutors and psychologists on your path to exponential growth.

We work together as a multidisciplinary team, and assess your needs through a comprehensive intake with a psychologist over one appointment. We then suggest an assessment plan, where we typically evaluate mental health and academic position relative to Grade in literacy, numeracy, and oral expression over one to two appointments. We may suggest assessment for learning difficulties if they are indicated in the intake. This is where a treatment plan is formulated which may include individual or family counselling, tutoring for single or multiple subjects, and a plan for school return. Our psychologists and tutors will then keep you informed of progress towards your goals.

Get in touch with Jeremy to discuss your needs and to make an intake appointment.

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The Team

Meet the Brave HQ academic recovery team

Jeremy Kindler, Senior Tutor

Jeremy can assist with any science-based subject and all levels of maths. He also assists with English subjects and general study skill building.

Jeremy is available for tuition Monday to Thursday 10.00am to 9.30pm and Sunday 9.00am to 4.00pm.

Holly Melrose, Psychologist

Holly works with children, teenagers, and young adults, particularly those with learning issues stemming from ADHD and learning disorders. Holly can provide counselling and family support. As a part of the team, Holly completes an academic assessment for levels of achievement so Jeremy knows where your learning gaps are. Holly practices Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 10.00 to 6.00pm