When you experience anxiety or poor performance in Maths, it can feel there’s not enough time to keep up with learning new material, let alone catch up or maintain what’s already taught. In this situation, many people limit or give up on dreams for future careers or studies for fear that their Maths with never be enough. Often you will hear yourself saying, “I just don’t have a brain for Maths.”, or “I’ll never use Maths in real life so I don’t need it.”

At Brave HQ, we believe almost anyone can overcome their struggles with Maths and open up their academic options. Our Brave HQ professional tutors and psychologists can identify your areas for improvement, develop a plan with you to achieve your goals, then give you all the assistance, instruction and support you need.

Explore our resources, meet the Brave HQ Maths support team below and make an appointment today.

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Meet the Brave HQ Maths team

Jeremy Kindler, Senior Tutor

Jeremy is a person that loves and has naturally excelled with Maths. After working with hundreds of students with varying levels of Maths anxiety over the last 13 years, he is adept at teaching others the fundamental underlying principles and functions of Maths.

Jeremy is available to tutor from Brave HQ Edithvale or your home Monday to Thursday 10.00am to 9.30pm and Saturday and Sunday 9.00am to 4.00pm.

Holly Melrose – Psychologist

Holly works with people of all ages. She had to face Maths when she completed advanced statistics and research data analysis in university.

Holly assists Jeremy by completing an assessment of your levels of anxiety around maths, and can assess your current Grade equivalent in Maths skills and reasoning. She can also provide counselling to build anxiety management skills.