Coming to Australia in the middle of your education can cause a lot of disruption to your learning experience. You may want to continue your progress in the same schooling system from back home, or integrate into a new education setting in Australia. Either decision comes with unique challenges and you’re probably struggling to find instructors that understand and fit your needs.

At Brave HQ, you’ll find professional tutors who know how to assist you, no matter which education system you choose to follow. Explore our resources, meet the Brave HQ International team and make an appointment today.

The Team

Jeremy Kindler, Senior Tutor

Jeremy is a member of MENSA, and the MENSA Victorian Gifted Children’s coordinator.

Jeremy can assist with any science-based subject and all levels of maths. He also assists with English subjects and general study skill building.

Jeremy is available for tuition Monday to Thursday 10.00am to 9.30pm and Sunday 9.00am to 4.00pm.

Holly Melrose – Psychologist

Holly is familiar with the educational settings in Australia and works with people of all ages to assist them to adjust to big changes like moving to a new country. To assist international families, Holly can complete cognitive and academic assessments, and provide counselling, resources and guidance to individuals, families and teachers.