You’re in school and there is something missing from your life. Your questions don’t get answered, you might argue with teachers a lot, and you’re always stuck waiting to learn. Many of those with high intellectual potential or “giftedness” feel that their education would be so much better if they could just be in charge for once. They often hear the words “You’re so capable, so why aren’t you doing the work?”

We want to help you get control and satisfaction back in the learning process. Ask us your most prickly questions and get back thoughtful responses. If you want to follow what comes next, we can provide the challenge. Don’t trudge through years of under stimulation until the spark gets beaten out of you.

At Brave HQ, our team of professional tutors and psychologists work together to extend and support bright students to meet your unique needs. Our diverse programs will challenge and inspire you across a range of different academic areas as you need them.

Explore our resources, meet the Brave HQ team below and make an appointment today.

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The Team

Jeremy Kindler – Specialist Accredited Tutor

Jeremy is a member of MENSA, and the MENSA Victorian Gifted Children’s coordinator.

Jeremy can assist with any science-based subject and all levels of maths. He also assists with English subjects and general study skill building.

Jeremy is available for tuition Monday to Thursday 10.00am to 9.30pm and Sunday 9.00am to 4.00pm.

Holly Melrose – Psychologist

Holly works with bright people of all ages. To assist with gifted issues, Holly can complete cognitive and academic assessments, and provide counselling, resources and guidance to individuals, families and teachers.