The written work of professionals and higher degree candidates can be improved by proofreading from an experienced eye.

After writing an important piece of work, writers rely on others to provide an external evaluation. It is challenging to know how another person perceives your writing. It is also natural to miss minor errors and spelling mistakes when you’ve been writing something for a long time.

Our proof readers have completed honours or postgraduate degrees and are experienced in editing theses, essays, reflective pieces, and professional copy. They provide extensive feedback on your writing, and will correct minor errors, and highlight parts of your work that need improved clarity or re-writing. Although they may provide suggestions on how you may re-write your work, they do not write any parts of your work for you.

If we feel you need some more assistance, we offer English tuition where we will focus on teaching you advanced writing techniques to improve your work.

Click through below to explore our resources, meet our proof readers and make an appointment when you’re ready to have your work examined. Our tutors charge $8 per 100 words.

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