The clear and reasoned expression of spoken and written language is essential for progression in academic contexts and leadership roles. For eons, trust and confidence in a person’s character has been inferred by what they say.

When you’re deciding which subjects to work on and improve during your schooling, English can often get shoved to the back of the queue. It’s tricky to gauge how well you’re performing in English when the rules seem subjective, you can’t look up the “right” answer, and there’s an exception around every corner.

Our highly skilled and experienced English tutors analyse your current reading, writing and expression, then give you clear steps and processes to notice your improvements and continue to develop. Our tutors focus on improving your confidence to write and speak your mind with clarity, and to develop comprehension of the written and spoken word.

We also offer English tuition for EAL students, and VCE English and English language.

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