Flexible & Convenient Learning Environments

Management of time and organisation have been eternal challenges for students and their parents despite changing technology and educational standards. The rapid increase in availability of laptops, smartphones, apps, and online connectivity and learning portals has increased the complexity and choice in how to study.

We simplify your study experience and increase your efficiency by offering three ways of working with us.

In Home

Time at a premium?
Want flexibility and minimal fuss?
Home tuition is a fantastic solution.

  • No travel time or preparation
  • Automated payments within our secure booking software
  • Online appointment tracking, calendar integration and invoice access

Students who prefer this style of delivery have comfortable learning spaces at home, and prefer to continue to study after a tutor has left. Parents are relieved that they don’t have to squeeze in tutoring between afterschool commitments and the time needed to cook dinner and wind down for the day. Our tutors benefit from being able to see a student’s learning environment.

We can visit you within 15kms of Brave HQ Edithvale with a standard $20 travel fee per session. If you live further away, we can meet you at a study location within our service area or quote you the additional travel costs. Suitable places include the state library in Melbourne’s CBD.

Brave HQ Edithvale

Can’t concentrate at home, or don’t have an ideal learning space?
Want to keep home a leisure environment for the family?

Come to our vibrant tutoring space for professional tuition, study spaces and a relaxed waiting area with strong coffee, herbal teas and comfy couches!

  • Quiet, funky tutoring space where you can do the hard work with us, and go home to relax.
  • Comfortable study and waiting areas with free Wi-Fi, refreshments, and the odd minty or cookie.
  • Payments with cash, credit card, and Eftpos are accepted.

This style of delivery is suited to students with limited motivation or organisation skills who need external structure and reduced distractions for optimal attention and learning. Parents enjoy the separation of work and study environments. They also take advantage of having quiet time to read or relax, and a study space to set up a computer to do their own study or work. Students are also welcome to use the study space before their session to prepare, and after their session to consolidate learning.


Live in a remote location, internationally, or have trouble finding a good tutor in your area?

Online tuition is an ideal solution for you, all you need is a device connected to the internet.

  • The comforts of home, and the convenience of being able to work us from anywhere in the world!
  • Online tutoring can be flexibly accessed while on study breaks at school, and can be shorter in duration.

Online tutoring can be especially useful during exam periods where you need to be at school, or don’t have time to come and see us. We can process your payments automatically through our secure software, or through our EFT machine. We accept VISA, Mastercard, American Express, JCB, and debit cards. Your internet connection should be capable of 1 MB/sec upload and 1 MB/sec download for acceptable video quality.