Figuring Out a Starting Career

A technique to help you to imagine ideal work roles. BY HOLLY MELROSE, BRAVE HQ PSYCHOLOGIST “Your ideal jobs include CEO, Truck Driver, Chef, Psychologist, Leather Maker, Artist, and Park Ranger.” This was what was given to me on a piece of paper in Year 10 by a visiting careers counsellor. Funnily enough, I did [...]

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We use OneNote for our tutoring sessions. Below are some PDF resources that will assist you with this program. Tips & tricks Quick start guide (MAC) Quick start guide (PC)

November 27th, 2016|Resources|

Setting Up For Tutoring

Setting up Onenote & Skype for tutoring Create a FREE Microsoft account. Download OneNote & Skype 2016 from the Microsoft site. Sign in with your free account email. Send your tutor an email, letting them know the email you are using for OneNote & Skype. Your tutor sends you a Notebook Share link via email, [...]

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