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    Our Philosophy

    Learning is both a process and an outcome that is formed through optimised environments and positive relationships. Positive learning experiences are often related to a specific teacher that saw and encouraged a person’s potential. Many students have difficulty connecting with their teachers, or have not received instruction on how to learn deeply, which reduces their motivation and interest in school.

    This is the space where our style of 1:1 instruction sits. Brave HQ’s tutors provide intensive mentoring experiences that focus on the individual developing learning strategies that utilise their strengths. We engage students with the world through the sharing of experiences and broader world contexts. We give them effective methods to utilise technology, as well as traditional instruction. Most importantly, we encourage them to develop deep learning strategies that mean they receive and respond to learning experiences in an active, productive way.

    Brave HQ is a Child Safe Organisation, with comprehensive policies for ensuring child safety and where all tutors possess current Working With Children Checks.

    What Clients Say

    Excellent. He made concepts much easier to understand, and made lessons enjoyable. I feel my comprehension of topics improved so much. I would highly recommend.
    Tom (Gamsat), Biomedical Sciences Student
    I’ve been working with Jeremy for the past three years and i couldn’t have asked for a better tutor. His astounding knowledge of all subjects and great personality enabled not only great learning but an enjoyable and fun session every time. I would definitely recommend Jeremy for any student, whether they be struggling with a subject or just need a little extra help.
    James A (Maths Methods, Physics), Yr 12 VCE Student
    Jeremy was incredibly helpful throughout my year 12. Always thought with a positive attitude and was very enthusiastic as well as an interesting person. No doubt boosted my score up a lot more than it would’ve been without him.
    Ryan B (Maths Methods, Chemistry), Yr 12 VCE Student
    Jeremy tutored me with first year chemistry at university. He really helped me to improve my understanding of the subject and gave me a lot more confidence in my own ability. Thank you!
    Olivia (Chemistry), University Student
    Jeremy really helped give me confidence and understanding in both year 12 Biology and year 11 Maths Methods. I was able to answer questions with ease and understand complex topics due to his knowledge and understanding of the subjects. He communicates concepts very well and has many great real life examples that helped me to remember and fully understand the concepts.
    Rebecca M (Maths Methods, Biology), Yr 12 VCE Student
    Jeremy has tutored me in both Maths and Biology for two and a half years. He has helped me improve in my understanding of the subjects as well as my interest in them.
    Josefina G (Further Maths, Biology), Yr 12 VCE Student
    excellent tutor, very knowledgeable and punctual, as well as being genuinely interested in tutoring the subject.
    Tommy D (Economics), Yr 12 VCE Student